Rod Reyes | April 17th - 21st

April 17 – 21, 2018: Rod Reayes

About the Headliner

Caution: Content Alert!
This performance may contain adult language or mature subject matter not suitable for all audience members!

Our Season's Featured Comic

One of only two comedians we crown as a Season’s Featured Comic and we do so for a reason. If Gotham Comedy Club wanted to hire him for their live T.V. airing then I can assure you, he is worthy of being our second featured seasonal headliner!

Video Teaser:


Rod Reyes first stepped onto a comedy stage twenty-three years ago at the Boston Comedy Club. Since then, he has developed a sophisticated act characterized by a wealth of eclectic subject matter, sharp political and topical observations, accurate foreign accents, and a flair for non verbal comedy. Rod went from open mike to closing act in five years, and to bring his career full circle, produced some of the most successful shows at the very same Boston Comedy Club.

Stage Notes:

It may come as surprise to a lot of people but, sometimes the best comedians out there have few credits, testimonials, articles or any sort of widespread national recognition. Such as the case with our second featured comedian of the season, Rod Reyes.

When I was scoping out talent for last season’s acts I came across Rod in a submission process. While there is hardly much on Reyes as far as national exposure, let me just say, without question, he is rare gem. That isn’t to say he hasn’t had any exposure because his promo video teaser is his Gotham Comedy Live Set, a nationally Syndicated Television credit very repeatable in the industry. If they wanted to hire him for T.V., then, for me, that holds a lot of weight.

What really sold me on his show, however was his performance and the many years of experience headlining in both comedy clubs and one night style venues on the road and across the country.

While, we were not able to line up on dates last season, this season is a different. After two seasons trying to book Rod into our seasonal run for dates that worked for us both, I am extremely excited to finally have him taking our stages come April 2018!

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