Lonnie Bruhn | May 17th & 19th

May 16 – 19, 2018: Lonnie Bruhn

About the Headliner

Content Warning!
This performance contains adult content not suitable for all Audiences.
This show is uncensored!

Our Season Ending Special Event

Storyteller & Comedian Lonnie Bruhn

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“He’s top-grade funny. Not just ‘he’s pretty good but I don’t really watch after the first night’ palatable, but right on your ass funny. Really funny!”DOUG STANHOPE FROM COMEDY CENTRAL’S, 'THE MAN SHOW'

Lonnie Bruhn, who aired on NBC’S, “LAST COMIC STANDING” season 9 is no stranger when it comes to performing controversial and provocative routines, nor is he unfamiliar with diversity, as he himself was born with Cerebral Palsy.

Bruhn has been deemed one of the most honest storytellers in the N.W., and been performing comedy for more than 25 years. He took to the stage for the first time when he was only 17 years old! Then in just two short years, Lonnie became the youngest comedian to win the Portland Laugh off at the age of 19.

If you have never seen one of Bruhn’s performances, you will likely never forget the experience. He simply sticks with you. Unlike any other comedian, his unique style of comedic storytelling is candidly honest, uncensored, and edgy.

What truly makes Lonnie stand out, however, is that he purposely invokes emotion into his act. Bruhn’s true stories unleash both hilarity and genuine vulnerability. He surrenders a humbling naked truth while still finding a way to successfully balance both humor and emotions. With his laid back conversational style, he draws a real connection that truly strikes a chord in all of us.

Bruhn explains it best, “Our emotions of laughter and humility go hand and hand. Life harbors both; so why should my act be any different.”

Stage Notes:

Every year, it has become a season ending tradition for me to close out the season. I write a lot of material, otherwise I get bored, and l love what this yearly project has become.

I spend all season crafting a new themed special event performance with a sprinkle of some of the timeless favorites; all to entertain my loyal fan base with something different. I think we all look forward to this week. The bonus is getting the privilege to introduce myself to new fans who are seeing me for the first time.

Comedy is my passion, otherwise, I would have stopped decades ago. It is also why I put together Stage Left Entertainment. I wanted to bring talented comedians, I respect to audiences who deserve to see them.

This show is my way to personally thank everyone who supports the comedians, and the amazing owner’s of the many venues we work with, along with the outstanding staff who also make it all happen.

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Please come out to see Lonnie Bruhn and support any of the local venues listed in our Events Calendar.

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