Susan Rice - Old Liberty Theater Nov 25th

Nov. 25th, 2018 | Susan Rice

About the Headliner

A Thanksgiving Special Featured Event

What better way to say thanks.

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This performance contains no overly offensive material but may still contain adult language or mature subject matter not suitable for all audience members!

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“Susan Rice named Portland’s Funniest | 2015 “Willamette Week

“Without a doubt this is ONE FUNNY WOMAN!”The Boob Tour Comedy with the Breast of Intentions. 2013-2014-2015

“Rice is a master. If the Pacific Northwest ever adopted Japan’s cultural practice of naming a Living National Treasure, she’d have my nomination.”
City Art Magazine - Brett Hamil


<p=”man”>Over her 32+ years in stand-up Susan Rice has continually brought her unique style to every kind of audience. Susan appeals to to all audiences and her television credits include most recently Portlandia, HBO’s Comedy Festival from Caesar’s Palace and Showtime’s Comedy All Stars.

<p=”man”>It was the sound of laughter. In 1983 Rice stepped on a comedy stage for the first time and never looked back. Moving to LA in 1986 put her front and center into a comedy boom that still resonates throughout the country to this day. Being one of the nation’s 20 female stand up comedians working the road in the early 80’s was a great training ground to prove she could appeal to both women and men. Rice knew she was a minority in the field bringing the bar a little higher for her to leap. Not every show was a home run in the beginning days of her career, but in 2015 she had the honor to win “Portland’s Funniest Person” by the Willamette Week. Without a doubt, Susan Rice has proven she knows exactly what she is doing.


<p=”man”>You want it to be funny. You want people to be pounding on the table gasping for air. That’s what you should want. In my opinion. – Lizzy Acker | Susan Rice, Portland’s Funniest Person

Stage Notes:

There isn’t anything I could say about Susan that hasn’t already been said. There is no better way to spend time with your family or away from them and to give thanks.

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