Stage Left Entertainment – Northwest’s new expert comedy booking agency.

Stage Left Entertainment helps bring stand-up comedians to venues, turning your room into a monthly comedy club.

Our comedy show booking agency is the new leading expert for comedy in the Pacific Northwest. We can help bring laughter to any event or occasion.

Learn all about us and our approach and best practice methods to producing professional stand-up comedy.

Our methods have proven success because we help build a night of comedy from the ground up!

Our Core Values

We Pursue Excellence

Our mission is to produce shows with well established and credited touring comedians, bringing them to smaller venues around the country. We want to work with small business owners, not against you.

It is more than just a pursuit to excellence. It is an oath we've made to ourselves to structure a comedy show based on your feedback and our experienced background.
We subscribe to a balanced approach

Stage Left Entertainment wants to be the first comedy booking agency that looks out for the best interests of all parties involved. In order to achieve our goals, a part of our job must be to bridge a better relationship between both the establishment and the performer. When everybody has a better understanding of each other's needs, the entire experience is positive.

Communication and compromise are the building blocks to a solid foundation. This is the key to any successful relationship. We listen to what you have to say because you know what works best with your customer base. We know how to produce a great comedy show. Together we find a middle ground that works within your budget while still adhering to our promise. A promise to structure a comedy show based on your feedback and all of our shared ideas, core values, and experience combined. With balance and collaboration, all of our hard work is rewarded with a great night of comedy. Our only focus is to establish the highest quality entertainment package for your customer base that yields only laughter and prosperity for everyone involved in the show. We are not satisfied until everybody's aspirations are met.

We Practice Honesty

We are determined to march full speed ahead of everyone in our industry. We have our sights set on blazing a new path. A path that will forever change the future landscape in the comedy industry by building a new standard using innovation, today's technology, honesty, integrity, and ethical business practices to accomplish this pursuit to excellence.

We Create Fun

The simple truth is, we love comedy. We are passionate about overhauling the way people perceive it. If it doesn't remain fun, nothing else matters, because we've forgotten why we started this in the first place.

Our principle philosophy is to spread humor by injecting laughter into smaller rural communities, who often never get exposed to the more well-known comedians and household names normally reserved for larger cities.

Meet the team

Lonnie Bruhn owner of Stage Left Entertainment

Lonnie Bruhn

Owner & Chief of daily operations.

I have over 26 years of experience in the comedy industry. My story doesn’t follow the typical path that you often see from professional touring comedians who find themselves taking on a booking and production role in the comedy entertainment industry.

I am still touring nationally today and have no plans to put down the mic. Over the span of two and a half decades, I have performed on stage in more than half of the states across the country, including Alaska, traveled internationally to the farthest reaches of Canada, and also toured for the Department of Defense in Japan.

I have faced just about every comedic challenge and situation during my long journey, and my experience producing successful shows comes from firsthand knowledge battling it out on stages in venues that did it all wrong.

 Jonas Barns, Field Agent & consultant Stage Left Entertainment

Jonas Barnes

Field Agent & consultant.

I have been a professional performer for 10 years and producer/booker for 8 years. I am best known for “The SMUT Show,”. This is a bi-coastal production with current home bases in Portland, OR at The Funhouse Lounge, and NYC at The Creek and The Cave. I’ve produced events for The New York Comedy Festival, The Park Slope Comedy Festival, Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival (Seattle, WA) and will be expanding my flagship show to LA in 2018. Currently I am the booker for Bill’s Place in Yakima, WA.

Jamez Zea Sales & Marketing with Stage Left Entertainment

James Zea

Sales & Marketing

I have been in sales in some shape or form for 20 years. Anything from inside, outside, business-to-business, door-to-door…you name it, I have probably done it. My work ethic and sales definitely comes from my upbringing and not having much, so I definitely have learned to hustle, but at the same time understand all walks of life and people. I have a way of connecting with just about anyone, whether it is a CEO or owner of a company, or a blue collar worker bee, or even someone that is just down on their luck.

Sales and comedy for me go hand in hand because of the personality I have and the work ethic instilled within. I have a knack for being able to communicate with anyone and convey a message, whether it is through comedy or through sales, that is relatable and people know they can trust me. Integrity is something I value very much; when you aren’t being real with people or on stage, people can see right through that, and that is something that sets me apart. There is never a time where someone is wondering if I am being real or honest, because I was raised that you should be true to yourself and others, and the rest will work itself out.